4 Week Hybrid Course

Online course with videos, mindset assessments, Private FB group for support and continued feedback and support from me. Learn online with the support of a behavior change coach…ME 🙂

Here are the details:

Self-guided with short weekly videos, mindset worksheets, building weekly skills for successful long term weight loss, and a FB group to get support from me and anyone else in the community ❤.

I cover 3 crucial elements…goal setting around nutrition, movement & mindset for a 360 approach. This includes intuitive, mindful and emotional eating.

* This means feeling better about yourself so you can get that promotion, or have more energy to focus on your business.

* This means having more mental freedom to be more present with your family. More mental freedom is more energy and time not thinking about food thoughts which are exhausting.

* This means learning the tools to better health overall.

Cost is currently at $80 and will be $400 once through Beta. Only taking the first 5 people at $80. Free doesn’t work…I have tried it, there is not enough skin in the game and this is super inexpensive for what you get out of it. This course requires about 20 mins to go through weekly material and 10 mins a day to reach your goals.



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