Video Testimonials

Client Feedback Snippets:

  • “Erika is helping me deal with some of my demons that keep me stagnant and giving me strategies and changes to help me move along in my journey.” – Laura
  • “You have helped me more than any therapist I have seen.” – Laura
  • “I got up and went to the gym before work and have NEVER done that.” – Tammy
  • “ I was easily able to not eat my favorite sweet treat, baked them myself, are still in my house and have not had ONE. Do desire or guilt to eat it. – Manasi
  • “I am getting compliments at work, wondering what I have been doing.” – Tammy
  • “I have lost 9 lbs so far and my clothes fit better.” – Tammy
  • “I have been able to be confident and consistent with my new lifestyle.” – Janet
  • “I am making food choices I have never done before and it feels great” – Tammy
  • “This definitely a sustainable program” – Tammy
  • “Wow, I didn’t realize my issues with saying NO came from a negative childhood experience. It makes sense now why I just can’t say no, all while really wanting to” (This was after 4 sessions and is in therapy) – Amanda