Ditch the Diet . Curb the Cravings . Eliminate Food Guilt for Good

Inspiring busy professionals with weight managment & food empowerment without restrictive diets and spending hours at the gym.

  • Living in your sweatpants and can’t bare to spend $$$ on all new clothes because you love the old ones?
  • Eat mindlessly in front of the TV or stress eat?
  • Hitting snooze 3 x and dragging yourself down the stairs sound familiar?
  • Hate to look at yourself in the mirror and hide from family photos?
  • Too tired to have quality time with kids or have sexy time with your spouse?
  • Want to have more confidence for career advancement and to excel in life?

EG Wellness Body & Mind Transformations is dedicated to helping you to achieve a lifestyle change through health and fitness and the deeper reasons why you keep sabotaging yourself, through mindset strategies. My goal is to guide you with how you look at food and yourself, nutrition, movement, and other lifestyle/wellness aspects so that you may adopt a healthier lifestyle and do all the things you want to do in life. Life is short so take control today.

Need the accountability to stay on track? Want a structured, safe, proven plan that opens new awareness to get to the root of the problem and not just another band-aid? Have you tried it all and see some results only to have it all pile back on? Lacking motivation, consistency and willpower?

Behavior change coaching gets to the root of the problem, breaking through those old habits and creating a new long lasting positive relationship with yourself, food and your thoughts.

If this is you, contact me for a quick 15 min call to chat about your past struggles, goals and if I can help you. Just a chat, no sales stuff.


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