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Health Coaching

Option 1: Think Yourself Thin 12-week program

This is for people who want to lose weight long-term, have tried it all and are sick of being stuck. We meet on Zoom to work through all the roadblocks that keep you stuck and make a plan that works in YOUR lifestyle. Success is about making small attainable changes for long-term results. This is how I approach the wellness portion of your journey. There is no such thing as “off-limit” foods in this program. It is about changing your relationship with food so it just becomes part of you.

What we work through:

  • 12, 1 on 1 coaching sessions to work through all the roadblocks
  • Emotional and overeating solutions so you can be free of food thoughts, shame/guilt
  • Craving control without feeling restricted and wanting it more
  • Lifestyle changes like sleep and stress and creating habits that stick
  • Long term weight loss solution without hours at the gym and rabbit food diets
  • Tools and strategies that you can use anywhere

Contact me for more info or set up an intro call to talk about your journey. Book Here.

Option 2: 6 Week – Fit and Free Foundations (Hybrid of coursework and coaching)

  • 2, 30 min 1 on 1 sessions
  • Bi-weekly live group calls in a private group with recordings available
  • Private group where you can post your questions for additional support
  • Diet review to find red flags & baselines
  • Weekly challenges to unwind the old thought patterns keeping you stuck
  • Emotional eating solutions so you can be free of food thoughts, shame/guilt
  • Techniques you can use anywhere to supercharge your habits
  • Wellness/accountability tracking log
  • BONUS: Full body corrective exercise program that will keep your joints happy and healthy, improve your posture, plus a HIIT routine for those of you who need some ideas.

Regular price $899.

Contact me for more info or set up an intro call to talk about your journey. Book Here.


4 Week Online Course:  Curb Cravings and Create Habits that Stick: $599

See link for course outline, details and purchase:


SPECIAL Founding Members Group Coaching Membership. Get on the waitlist now.

Founding members membership (First 10 people). $29.99/mon. Regular membership $49.99/mon. (You may cancel with written notice within 10 days of next billing period.)


  • Create consistent habits vs yo yo’ing.
  • Get to the root cause that drives unwanted eating behaviors such as (emotional & stress eating, skipping meals, binge eating, night snacking, on the go fast-food eating busy women)

This all leads to consistent weight management and empowerment around food so it stops controlling you.

No more long crazy workouts or restrictive diets or pills.


Get on the waitlist by emailing

FB VIP Membership topics (after course) that will be covered but not limited to: (starts in March.)

1 Live Workshop or Masterclass a month

Bi-weekly group Q&A video

  • Reg flags to look for with dysfunctional eating
  • How to create habits that stick
  • Healthy Nutrition
  • What is the best approach.
  • How to tell if you are eating enough
  • How to stay healthy with a high stress job
  • How to prioritize your goal
  • Setting healthy boundries
  • Self-care routine
  • Time management
  • Various techniques used in my 1 on 1 coaching program to re-program the mind.
  • Why we emotional eat
  • Easy, NO impact workouts
  • HIIT workouts
  • How to work around various injuries
  • Foot pain and what to do
  • Hip pain and what to do
  • Back pain and what to do
  • Shoulder pain and what to do

I have an extensive background in corrective exercises, rehabilitation exercise as a licensed PT assistant and personal trainer. Certified in CBT and NLP modalities.

Personal experiences with working with food sensitivities, night cravings, carboholic, sugar addict, body image, working around injuries.

No more of this!

You can have both and feel guilt-free.

Women are not rabbits. We love ALL foods and should be able to eat it without guilt and shame.


In-Home Personal Training – Currently Suspended.

Is currently only available in the Sendero Hills community (gotta love Austin traffic) or within 5 miles of my home, or at Meadows at Trinity Crossing Park , weather permitting. Women only. Specialize in Women 35+.

ONLINE Personal Training:

  • 55 mins: $70. If a package of 10 is purchased $650.
  • 30 mins: $40. If a package of 10 is purchased $350.

All packages must be used in 60 days to hold your spot and to provide built-in accountability. If you don’t consistently show up, you won’t get results. The expiration can be expented upon written approval due to planned vacations etc. where you are unable to meet and must be approved prior to purchase.

NEW Personal Training Client Setup is $75.

  • Waiver – please fill out and send to me before your orientation. You will be able to “Annotate” (click link for example from Preview app.) your signature through your preview application and type in your text.
  • Overall goals and goal setting. Get sheet here.
  • Home workout goals and review of home equipment available
  • How to use the wellness tracker (you will need to have this open during our session for review)
  • Movement assessments
  • Questions
  • Setting up repeating appointments. Short home exercise routine you can start on right away.

Senior Fitness Classes

I come to your independent living community or apartment with a group to work on increasing your mobility, flexibility, balance and strength.

$15 per person. Min of 5 participants.