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On our 10-12 min call we will talk about what you have tried in the past, what the roadblocks were, get you some clarity on next steps and if we decided to move forward with the conversation we will book another call to go deeper and talk about the options for you.


Watch this short video on what diets don’t work long term


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Client Feedback Snippets: I LOVE my profession. 

  • “Erika is helping me deal with some of my demons that keep me stagnant and giving me strategies and changes to help me move along in my journey.” – Laura, WI
  • “You have helped me more than any therapist I have seen.” – Laura V, WI
  • “I got up and went to the gym before work and have NEVER done that.” – TammyM, WI
  • “ I was easily able to not eat my favorite sweet treat, baked them myself, are still in my house and have not had ONE. Do desire or guilt to eat it. – Manasi S, Austin
  • “I am getting compliments at work, wondering what I have been doing.” – Tammy M, WI
  • “I have lost 9 lbs so far and my clothes fit better.” – Tammy M, WI
  • “I have been able to be confident and consistent with my new lifestyle.” – Janet J, WI
  • “I am making food choices I have never done before and it feels great” – Tammy M, WI
  • “This definitely a sustainable program” – Tammy M, WI
  • “Wow, I didn’t realize my issues with saying NO came from a negative childhood experience. It makes sense now why I just can’t say no, all while really wanting to” (This was after 4 sessions and is in therapy) – Amanda V, CT
  • “Erika’s approach and support has been life changing. She is a helpful and considerate coach and she knows her stuff!!  I highly recommend giving this program a ‘yes’! It’s a ‘yes’ to yourself!!” – Darcy S. TX
  • “I never made the connection that I am an emotional eater” – Pam V, WI
  • When I first began this program, I thought it would be the same old pattern for me – start strong, fail miserable, and then ‘hate’ myself for being a failure. Well, that has not been my experience this time at all! I learned that my past failures at weight loss were not due to my being lazy or a failure. Instead, I learned that I used food to cope with past trauma. In this program, I learned techniques to help overcome the use of food for coping with life. I now feel empowered to continue my health journey in a self-loving and self-compassionate manner. -Christy W.