Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your purchase.

Any purchase is copy written and may not be copied or distributed in any way.

If you purchased a service, you are expected to be to calls on time, not be distracted and participate fully to achieve desired results. I am here to happily guide you, but you need to do the work and therefor can not guarantee results. If you have followed the entire program and can show me you have, and have not gotten results, we can have a chat.

Any changes to appointments need 24hr advanced notice to not forfeit the session as rescheduling same week is very difficult as I am serving other people and obligations. All programs are sequential, which means they run for the duration without breaks. We don’t live life in a bubble so learning while you are in a different situation is a great tool. The only exception to move 1 week to the end of the program length is a life threatening emergency.

Please know that you are in good hands and I look forward to seeing your transformation.