Online and In-home Personal Training

Online personal training is performed through a computer and either Google Hangouts or Skype with me leading you through personal exercises based off your needs and correcting your form if needed, and providing motivation.

30 min for $30
45 min for $45

In-home training Is currently only available in the Sendero Hills community (gotta love Austin traffic) or at Meadows at Trinity Crossing Park weather permitting. Women only.

All include a home workout program, review of MyFitnesspal food journal with appropriate recommendations and text/email support to keep you on your path to success.

Success is about making small attainable changes for long term results. This is how I approach the wellness portion of your journey.

30 min for $35
45 min for $50
60 min for $65

NEW client orientation is approx. 1.5 hrs to review:
  • Paperwork
  • Overall goals and goal setting
  • Homework out goals and home equipment
  • Diet Goals
  • How to use the wellness tracker
  • Assessments
  • Questions
  • Setting up next appointment

$85 for orientation. If necessary we can split this into 2, 45 min appointments at $50 each.